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Frequently Asked Questions


Should I have pest control in the winter?

While some crawling insects are not as active in winter time our climate can swing back and forth all winter long. Due to changing temperature rodents and ants can still be active during this time of year. A good rule of thumb is by treating for ants in the winter you will not see them in the springtime.


I may have bed bugs what do I do?

The first thing I would do is grab a plastic bag and grab one of the bugs for a pest professional to inspect. Sometimes while it may appear to be a bed bug it could also be a harmless carpet beetle. After snatching a specimen call your local pest professional for an inspection. At Bug Busters all of our inspections are always free!


There are some bugs eating a hole through my wall what are they?

During the springtime ants and termites will be more active due to a warmer and wetter climate. Because of that, these pests can damage your home. But it may not always be termites. Some species of ants can do as much or more damage to wood structures. Consult your pest control professional for a free home inspection.